Sideshow Star Wars Boba Fett

This is 1/6 scale Boba Fett figure from Sideshow Collectibles. The famous bounty hunter of Star Wars. This particular figure is based on the Empire Strikes Back film chapter.

I guess the search is over for that perfect Boba Fett figure, no need to kitbash anymore from the previous releases of Hasbro, Marmitt, and Medicom. Well not that perfect but acceptable for now.

There is no headsculpt beneath the helmet, it’s ok since Boba Fett face was never shown in Star Wars, but as stated in Wookiepedia he is one of the first clone replica of Jango Fett, and raised by Jango as his own son. So safe to say you can put Jango’s headsculpt for they are look-alikes.

The details are amazing from his hi-tech gauntlets to his jet pack, to his braided wookie prize scalps. There has been talks that these braided hairs are actually from fallen Jedi Padawans and not Wookie sculpts!

The chest or body armor is ok, but I think a softer material liner that holds the armor plates would be better. Note: the jet pack has a rocket or small missile which is use against vehicles. The cape has metal wires on its edges.

Included are various hand gesture/grips, one of which is for gripping the pistol and Blast Tech EE-3 rifle. the pistol holster uses a magnet on the strap’s end to keep the pistol secured. The right gauntlet is where his grappling device is located and controls for his Jetpack.

The boots just cool looking, unfortunately you can just use this on a Sideshow body, I don’t know maybe with some adjustment to its foot pegs it can.  The pointed things at the toes could be the dart projectile, one of his secret devices to surprise his opponents aside from that flame thrower, rocket, and lasers in this left gauntlet.

The display base lights up, it needs batteries and sorry I forgot to check it up what kind or was it included in the pack?

Above shows Boba with my kitbashed Jango figure and Sideshow Sandtrooper. Can’t wait for the soon to be released newer Darth Vader also from Sideshow Collectibles.

If you’re a Star Wars Fan well you got to have this Boba Fett! 😉


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