HOT TOYS Iron Man Mk I v.2.0

I missed out on the first released version of Iron Man Mark I, and when Hot Toys announced a version 2.0 coming out, I pre-ordered fast and here it is.

It looks metal or steel made but its all plastic, the paint job is finely done to simulate metal sheets welded together.

But it is still a heavy figure, aside from the armor suit, it does have a Truetype body in it, a complete figure with boots and clothing. I don’t know if the armor suit can easily be removed, would be nice though if you plan to repaint it for customization.

This figure even if you don’t pose it simply look great, so much to look and admire at. I don’t have the version 1 so I can’t compare the armor suit, but I can guess the paint shade has been darkened on this version and more metallic looking.

It has that feature of power source light-up in the chest, the switch is located at the back. Check out the details on this mecha suit, and the wires!  wires wires everywhere!

Ok another changes of this version they say is the headsculpt. I saw the version 1 and yes indeed a great improvement, more lifelike than the previous one. but is it just me or I just find this helmet to small for the head? look at the tight fit by the sides.

I was surprised to find no guns! But then I realized that the suit is the weapon! It has a flamethrower in the right arm and a missile/rocket launcher at the left arm. The armor suit provides protection, although I can’t imagined how his gonna absorbed the blast or hits on his body since this is just ordinary metal/steel as they built this out from scrap metal of damaged tanks and vehicles.

The contraption on this thing is amazing, I see a sort of pulley or motor aided mechanism to aid the movement of the legs, I can guess he does need this power,  just the weight of those steel plates will hamper him down.

A view of the boots and a sample of its articulation in the knee joints. Even though it has a Truetype body the armor plates limits some of the joint articulation. I don’t want to explore all possible movement, don’t want to break any parts.

Boba Fett seems to tower over Iron Man in the above photo but they are of the same height, just that Boba here is on a higher base plate. But do note the size of the helmets of both, a big difference.

One extra bonus of the version 2 is the simulated flame burst, you can easily attach this to his forearm thru the wrist, but one problem is that it’s heavy the arm tends to be pulled down by it.

Overall another great figure as always from Hot Toys! 🙂


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