Sniper – PSG1

I’m featuring here my custom painted Hot Toys PSG1 sniper rifle, this is from their Biohazard figure line. This is my first try at painting camo (sort of) on a scale rifle.

Ok what I did is paint the whole rifle in white, not to heavy leaving the deep grooves darker in their original black color. Then I use my reliable powder paints using colors that match the 3-color desert camo.

I started with the base color which is tan or light brown all over then followed it up with spot brushing the darker hues of dark brown and green. Don’t need to have perfect straight lines or pattern (I guessed) then spray it with clear coating to seal in everything. The clear coat also blends the color together for that fading effect between colors.

I’m using here the ghillie suit by VeryHotToys which has paddings in the front/chest and legs specifically for prone position firing.

The PSG1 is by Heckler and Koch of Germany. PSG means Precision-Shooter Rifle or Prazisionsschutzengewehr! (now we know why they just call it PSG1).

The PSG1 is semi-automatic and has no iron sights, it rely’s on the scope with illuminated reticle for aiming at 800m effective range. It uses 7.62mm NATO cartridge. Note: The PSG1 is not widely used by the US military.


2 thoughts on “Sniper – PSG1

    1. Try checking this 1/6 hobby stores : Monkey Depot / Toy Anxiety / BlackopsToys / Viking Playground / and of course eBay. This is where I buy most of my 1/6 figure parts.

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