Hot Toys CIA GOI “Cowboy”

CIA  (Central Intelligence Agency) is shaken amidst the Gen. Petraeus scandal recently thus comes to mind this kitbash, not of the General but of another famous figure – James Dean.

Ok what I did here is use the Hot Toys James Dean cowboy figure, and gear it up with the Hot Toys CIA GOI (Group of Operations Iraq) figure which coincidentally features a similar James Dean headsculpt.

This James Dean Cowboy figure I already featured here in my previous post, but I made some minor fixes to it specifically on the boots, to make it more firm in the ankle joints, I inserted folded paper along the boots rims thus making it more stiff and can support the additional weight of the gears.

Featured here also is the Twin Gunslinger Holster set from Newline Miniatures, it is a leather belt and leather double holster with Colt peacemaker revolver from Newline Miniature. The Hellstorm kneepads is from Soldier Story and the Chest Rig is Toy Soldier.

The revolvers have no moving parts, it looks like a one piece cast plastic with gun-metal and wood paint finish. I think the selling point to this set is the double holster. The Hot Toys M14 Socom II rifle (silencer not shown), great piece – forward grip, removable mag clip, surefire light, red-dot aim sight (but scale a bit oversize they say). 

Hot Toys binoculars with lens cap and DSLR Camera with removable wide angle/zoom lens (CIA operatives do secret Intel operations).

The communication headset is from Soldier Story, match with an LST-5C Satcom  radio with handset (I think this is from BBI if not Hot Toys). Backpack with waist strap is Hot Toys.

This is one cowboy not to mess around with, he can call a drone airstrike for support! 😉


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