CVC “woodland’

This is my second Tank crewman or a CVC (combat vehicle crew).

 In “woodland” camo uniform (Playhouse) and “woodland” camo plate armor carrier vest with molle panels (Toy Soldier).

The CVC helmet (Hot Toys), ballistic helmet with head phones and mic setup which they hook up with the vehicles communication system, linking all crew for effective control/coordination of the combat vehicle.

Due to space constraints inside vehicles, gears are limited to necessities as much as possible. I manage to equip this crewman with an MP7 submachine gun using side holster (from Toys City).

Note: Gloved hands/Sports watch/Flashlight with holder molle attachment is from Hot Toys. Belt pouches in woodland camo from Dragon DML. IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) pouch from Soldier Story. Pegged boots from Toys City.

HK (Heckler-Koch) MP7 submachine gun (this is from Hot Toys Sucker Punch), has a retractable stock, silencer, folding forward grip, tactical light and red dot sight.

The M1 Abrams Tank (or any typical tank) has a crew of 4, the Gunner, Driver, Loader, and Commander. I got 2 already so 2 more to go.



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