Happy Hollidays!

This is a follow-up on my Tank crewmen kitbash. This is no.3 featuring an ACU (Army Combat Uniform) camo pattern.


The ACU is Toy Soldiers, the vest is Soldier Story, pouches is Hot Toys. underneath the vest is a plate armor carrier also in ACU camo pattern.


The CVC  helmet in olive-green is Hot Toys (should have painted or covered this with ACU). Goggles from Soldier Story.


Headsculpt is Sam Worthington from Hot Toys Terminator Marcus Wright Figure.


The IMI (Israel Military Industries) Desert Eagle pistol. Designed in the US by Magnum Research but was initially manufactured by Israel and later in the US. This pistol is huge compared to a regular M9. 

This 1/6 scale reproduction is from ZC Girl (or maybe ZY Toys I can’t remember) which has a railings for the removable scope. The mag is not removable. It think COO model or ACI Toys have a better version with movable parts.


The pistol holster is from Hot Toys VBSS figure, the Desert Eagle pistol fits in but need to remove the scope. wrist watch, pegged gloves and boots is Hot Toys.

Still working on the 4th crewman kitbash to complete my tank crew 🙂


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