CVC “3C”

Ok a bit busy lately, I’ll do this quick post of my 4th CVC (Combat Vehicle Crew) figure, which completes my CVC team.


His wearing the 3-color desert camo uniform (Soldier Story) and his pouches in matching camo pattern (VeryHotToys).


The main feature of this figure is the MSA C420 PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) Kit. This one is from Soldier Story. This type of respiratory system is enhanced by the use of blower motor (battery-powered) providing a cooling effect and defogging within the Gas Mask. It has two CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear)  air-filter cartridges.

Note: I plan on painting the gas mask to get a better contrast and get clearer details on it. The air hose on this Soldier Story set is really stiff, it is not rubber but plastic, so very hard to bend or curve, I use straps to keep it in place.


This M40 or M42 gas mask can use the PAPR kit or as a regular mask with the filter attach directly to the mask by removing the filter connector adapter.


A typical M9 sidearm with Sahara (I think) type leg holster (from ACE). Using a Soldier Story S2 body with a lace-up boots (I haven’t tried yet the pegged-boot type of Soldier Story).

Note: I choose this body type for its smaller size headsculpt which is ideal to fit the Gas Mask and helmet conveniently.


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