CVC – Combat Vehicle Crew

Advance Merry Christmas to ALL! 🙂

Ok here’s my complete tank crew or simply CVC (Combat Vehicle Crew).


Not all armored vehicles requires 4 crew member, mine is a sample for an US M1 Abrams tank crew, which consist of the Commander, Gunner, Loader, and Driver.


This is my tank commander, its Hot Toys CVC figure, I replaced the body with a newer Hot Toys Truetype body, the old one doesn’t use the pegged boot/feet, so this one I can use the pegged boots from Toys City which looks cooler than the original boots on this figure. The helmet I swap with another Hot Toys CVC helmet but this one in rare Tan/Desert color.

He supervised the entire crew in its operations and communicates with other tank/vehicles for proper combat manuevers.


The Tank Gunner, his the one in control of the tank gun and coincidentally I managed to arm him with the sub-machine gun making him also the designated gunner if the crew bails out (the others only pistols).

The Tank Commander directs him what priority targets to aim at. His responsible for weapons system control making sure all targets are identified and locked on.


The Tank Driver, as the name implies he drives the behemoth Abrams tank like a racing car! He also manuevers the Tank for better positions to fire at the enemy.   He is assisted aside from the DID (digital integrated display), by periscopes (with night visions capability) to drive it in and out of harms way efficiently as possible.

The pegged gloves and boots I’m using here is from Hot Toys and Toys City. Do note that the pegged boots of Toys City might be a challenge to fit on Hot Toys ankle pegs but it does fit.


The Tank gun loader, his responsible what type of shells are placed/loaded in the gun before firing. His a bit over-cautious as can be seen wearing his Gas Mask at all times! This one has a Soldier Story body and head, the smaller head is suitable for a mask-helmet set up.

All crewmember including the Tank Commander, should be capable of basic maintenance of the tank and it’s equipments. The commander or loader also operates the two machine guns mounted on the turret.


I could have geared them all in the same uniform and accessories but having variety represents the other outfit possibilities for any crewman. Will still be updating them when newer gears or gadgets comes along.

Now wish Santa (I mean the 1/6 scale manufacturers), kindly make a 1/6 scale tank diorama (similar to the 1/6 scale Blackhawk chopper done by Soldier Story) if not the whole tank itself!

Cheers this holiday season! 🙂


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