Call of Duty MW3 – “Juggernaut”

This is my draft version of a “Juggernaut” – heavily armored soldier that I encountered in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game on XBOX 360. I don’t know if in real life the military do use this gear set-up in actual combat, but I think they where patterned after the body armor used by EOD’s or bomb disposal units.


The Juggernaut can take a lot of hits including shrapnel from nearby explosions, I guess they are pretty good for breaching enemy defense lines or distraction while other units push thru.


I use the EOD gear from Hong Kong EOD figure  (Dragon DML)  and added chest rig and machine gun (Hot Toys).


I also used a shirt with shoulder armor from Thor (Hot Toys), the shirt sleeves have this layered kind of design, looks like armor plating so just what I needed. The face shield looks tinted but it’s not, theres a second face visor inside which is tinted from a Parajumper helmet (Dragon DML).


I really like the neck armor/protector, giving it a futuristic look. I can’t duplicate the helmet from MW3 so I just use this helmet  that comes with the EOD figure, the idea being the head fully protected.

The body I’m using here is just a BBI G3 body, the bendy hands with cloth gloves looks ok but difficult to pose, so will replaced it preferably with a Truetype body  (Hot Toys).

Feliz Navidad a todos! 😉



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