HOT TOYS Hugo Weaving

Ok my first post entry for 2013, been busy lately, hopefully I could post at least once a week again.

I’m featuring here the Hot Toys headsculpt of Hugo Weaving (famously known as Agent Smith of Matrix movie).


This sculpt is from the Hot Toys Red Skull figure. Amazing likeness to Hugo Weaving indeed, just put on the sunglasses and his Agent Smith of Matrix.


I’m using a ThreeA body (colored red) with a Toys City gloved hands and Hot Toys feet with DID lace up boots. The ThreeA body is very similar to Hot Toys Truetype body so parts are interchangeable.


The uniform is DID WWII German SS black coat, cap and tanker pants, with Dragon DML turtleneck shirt. Notice the Skull buckle, it’s from Sideshow GI Joe Zartan figure. The long barrel pistol, holster, and tinted goggles is Hot Toys.


Note: photo above shows the neck post (from left to right) Truetype body, Red Skull Hugo Weaving head, Batman Bruce Wayne head.

I was surprised to see that the neck post for this newer figures from Hot Toys are different compared to the one in the Truetype body set. Since I only got the head the neck wont fit on any Truetype bodies, and the Truetype neck post wont fit the head! So I ended up with cutting/sanding partly the neck post to fit the head so I can use it on any Truetype body. So be aware of this when buying the head only, you need the body too if you’re not into DIY stuffs.


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