SWAT – Breacher

This is a remake of my previous SWAT kitbash based on the BBI SWAT Chuck Morris figure.


The uniform is a US Air Force digital camo from Hot Toys. The SWAT vest with groin and shoulder protection is from BBI. I did not include any pouches at the moment.


Body is Hot Toys Truetype-32 with Jude Law look-alike headsculpt. Headgear is PASGT helmet with face shield/visor also from Hot Toys.


The Shin guard is from Hot Toys Kyle Reese figure. The gloves and boots are from Toys City. The boots is a tight fit using the Hot Toys foot pegs while the glove pegs is a little loose so I wrapped a piece of paper to tighten the plug fit or you can replace the pegs with a Hot Toys one so no problem.


Breaching or Force entry tools includes the battering ram,bolt cutter, halligan, and a sledgehammer (together with the Backpack carrier all from BBI).


M9 pistol with lanyard as backup, the Bennili M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun (with aiming point and light) as primary weapon.


Whenever a force entry is required, be it thru the door, wall, ceiling, or windows, the Breacher is the one called in to do the job. Using a variety of tools and explosives he can open/clear any obstruction for the assault team to pass thru.

Note: SWAT – Special Weapons and Tactics.


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