Sideshow Star Wars Snowtrooper

Finally arrived… Sideshow’s version of the Star Wars Snowtrooper 🙂


Ok first thanks Sideshow for making this figure but whats with the armor quality used here? They are soft plastic, I was expecting the durable solid hard type of plastic. But the detailing and finishes are great.


It is an improvement over the Hasbro version, from the hand cover plates to the knee plates, and of course the cold weather boots just perfect.


Noticeable is the backpack which is bigger and in better scale size than Hasbro’s. Instead of having it connected to the suit as what Hasbro did, Sideshow manage to incorporate it with the Chest armor assembly, it keeps the chest armor in place wrapped around the body.


The headpiece or helmet is the same thing with the Stormtrooper just a helmet and no headsculpt underneath. The face covering is made of somewhat rubber(?) or leather type, it’s flexible enough to still have head movement.


His armed with the E-11 blaster rifle (similar to the Stormtrooper’s) with folding stock. A long rifle definitely would look more bad ass, but they do have that large E-Web blaster cannon as seen in the movie Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. A problem with the gripping hand, not too tight to hold the blaster!

Overall great figure but again I do have trouble having this figure stand on its own. The Sideshow body design of the ankle should be change preferrably to something similar to that of Hot Toys for better stability.

So when is Sideshow doing the Scout Trooper?! 🙂 hoping very soon…


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