Hot Toys Christian Bale “Bruce Wayne”

I got the Christian Bale headsculpt by Hot Toys from their Batman “Dark Knight” figure, I’m not sure what version, so many Batman releases already by Hot Toys.


Well this simple kitbash is my version of Bruce Wayne just before he thought of wearing a Bat suit.


The headsculpt is great, really life-like as always Hot Toys quality. I use a Hot Toys Truetype body, did some adjusting to the neck post, trimmed a bit to fit the head neck slot.


The suit his wearing is from the Joker, nice tight fit pants,  I think the suit was made for the Slim body Truetype but was still manageable on this normal shoulder truetype body.


The ammo vest is from BBi Brennan figure, pistol with holster and M4 with grenade launcher is Hot Toys. The Body armor vest is Dragon DML and lace-up boots is DID.


This headsculpt can also be use for an Equilibrium Cleric figure or that other movie where he is a gangster, but for now his my Billionaire-Vigilante Bruce Wayne.



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