DIY: Weathering Tutorial – Salt Technique

I think I getting myself hook on customizing my kitbashes, and weathering effects is one of my must-want-to-learn process.

I manage to figure out one technique in making something (like armor) to look worn out (like paint chip away) using the Salt method.

I use an old 1/6 scale helmet for my first trial.

STEP 1: I painted on it first the base color (simulating metal), or any color you like just note this color will be the one that will show up when the top paint coating is removed. I painted here a reddish-brown mix, want that rusty look.

Note: I wasnt able to take a photo of the original color of this helmet, it was plain black plastic.


STEP 2: Apply the salt on the helmet or surface, choose which area you want the paint looks chipped away appear. What I did was just sprinkle the salt randomly.

NOTE: make sure the surface is moistened/wet for the salt to stick on.


STEP 3: Apply the top coat paint. I used spray paint, making sure everything is evenly sprayed. preferably do the painting outdoors and let it dry under the sun. How many layer of paint is up to you. I want mine to look faded so just one layer is ok with me.

NOTE: Leave the paint for at least 1 hr to dry/cure. depends really on how much paint coating you applied.


STEP 4: Remove the salt when the paint is dry/cured. I just rubbed my thumb over the salts (or you can use a brush). the imperfection as can be seen (the raised peel) can still be smoothed out by lightly sanding it with a fine grit sandpaper.

NOTE: Notice there are some black spots aside  from the exposed first layer/coat of paint. I think the salt penetrated thru the first coat thus revealing the original paint of the helmet. The salt will stick firmly to the surface depending  I think on the moisture or wetness when the salt was applied.


Ok so there it is, my first ever try on using salt as a mask when painting achieving a worn out look. You can still add-on more weathering before applying the final clear coat to protect the paint job.

NOTE: I have no other paint available but this yellow but turns out still ok.

It wasnt really that hard, I was very hesitant to try this technique but now I would use it often! My motivation was seeing those Ashley Wood/Three A figures. They have this post-apocalyptic style of painting things.


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