ThreeA “Punter” Bot Sniper

Finally I got a so called “Grunt” figure from ThreeA, another masterpiece by Ashley Wood, the “Punter” Bot Sniper.


The very first thing you will notice with any Ashley Wood designed figure is the heavily weathered paint job! I mean everything from the boots up to the headsculpt, even the body itself.

Even without his gears on, this figure rocks! The so-called Grunt soldiers features a generic headsculpt but this sniper version has face camo paint.


“Punter” carries two weapons – a revolver (on a leg-drop holster) and an extremely long rifle! I checked out the rifle and noticed that it has a scope on top, almost the length of the barrel itself!

I don’t know how he loads up the ammo on this rifle, there is no visible ammo cartridge that I can see, possibly a bolt-action rifle. It is equipped with a bipod obviously for stability and support, aiming and firing this thing requires support due to its weight and I can guess the recoil action of this rifle is one hell of a kick!


“Punter” carries a lot of pouches, I can never figure out what these are for aside from making it looking bad-ass cool!


He is wearing a body-armor vest with neck-protection pads and belt loops at the bottom. The vest is suitable for velcro attachments unlike the regular molle-type panels found on his outer Load Bearing Vest (LBV).

I guess it’s up to you how you want to layout the pouches, the addition of the LBV gives you the option to add more gears for a custom look.


And then there’s the Ghillie suit, yep it’s what sold me to this figure… I saw this photo of two bot snipers marching their way across the jungle covered in their ghillie suits, simply stunning!

The ghillie suit is strap in both arms and along the neck. The camo color is based on the Australian military camo design.

NOTE: I was wondering why this grunt has no gas mask since all WWR (World War Robot – the story where this character is based on) figures have gas mask.


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