Hot Toys Tony Stark

Ok been a long time since I made my last posting here, been busy… so to restart, I did some makeover to my site but not yet finish updating my photo booth set up so I took my photo shoot for the meantime on top of my toy bin.


Tony Stark – everybody knows who Tony Stark is if they watched the Iron Man movies, played by … oops forgot his name… uh… he also played Sherlock Holmes (which I think was one of his great movie too)… there it is…  Robert Downey Jr.!!!  (googled it).


I don’t know how many headsculpt version Hot Toys already did and I forgot from where I got this one, amazing sculpt i would say… getting better with every new version.


Take a look at the boots… it’s a WWII US paratrooper Corcoran boots from Newline Miniatures, yup these are expensive 1/6 scale footwear, I was hesitant to buy these due to the price but taking the plunge, worth every penny, great craftsmanship two thumbs up.


I use the Hot Toys Blade shoulder double holster underneath that Hot Toys Bane leather coat that has fur linings and collar. The pants is DID WWII US. Body is ThreeA and glove hands is Toys City.


The pistol is a copy of the robocop gun, generic brand with no moving parts. Sometimes too much gear mess up the figure so I settled with this, less and simple but expensive.

My Tony Stark version here is on field assignment, of course armed with a concealed weapon just in case, no Iron Man suit nearby.


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