1/6 Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

I recently got this 1/6 scale headsculpt by CIAN of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.


I’m not familiar of the CIAN company but I was impress with the quality of this sculpt, the texture and paint is at par with Hot Toys (for this particular sculpt only, I cannot say for the other sculpts that they made). The neck post is included but you can use a Hot Toys neck post, it’s compatible.


I don’t know for other collectors but I really like this one,  for the low price this CIAN version is selling and the good likeness to Dwayne it’s a great buy. Hot Toys has not released yet thier own Dwayne Johnson sculpt yet (which is the GI Joe Roadblock figure) so I can’t tell which is better.


This sculpt would be great with a muscular body but for now I’m using a ThreeA body, geared him up with 21’st Century rescue outfit. The gloves and boots is Hot Toys.


There’s been a lot of toy companies popping out of nowhere catering to the 1/6 scale figure hobby, a lot of choices nowadays (which is good for us collector). You can kitbash a great figure for a lot less compared to before.


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