ThreeA HALO Commander Carter

ThreeA is making the figures of the XBOX game HALO, starting it off with this – Commander Carter – S-A259 Spartan III.


Everyone expected the Master Chief but I guess ThreeA is on the refining stages, any improvements needed on this one will surely be realized on the Master Chief figure.


ThreeA utilizes the use of magnets to attach its weapons and accessories but I found it rather annoying since the magnet doesn’t hold too strong so occasionally the attachments falls off especially the big rifle ( M392 DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle) on the back.


Yep the knife (with sheath) on the shoulder and grenades (M9 HE-DP APG Frag grenade) on both hips are just attached thru magnets (easily falls off or removed).


 The hands have articulated fingers, so you can pose with various hand gestures! But I have a hard time making it grab hold of the rifle (better safe than break a finger). I can’t have him pose holding the rifle with both arms, I don’t know maybe just me or the chest armor and rubber suit hinders that pose. 


With regards to details, this figure rocks! The backpack also houses the battery compartment for the led lights. unfortunately batteries are not included so you need to purchase them elsewhere. Havent seen yet the light up feature of this figure.


Paint finishes as usual is ThreeA quality, great weathering. Articulation is not as I expected it to be, the rubber suit underneath those armor gives restriction to movement and the joints I noticed was not that tight which ThreeA bodies are known for.


And of course, Commander Carter is one of those super soldier (Spartan) thus he is supposed to tower over normal humans. I think this figure is around 14 inches tall (or more?). Even Iron Man Mark I looks puny compared to Cmdr Carter! But now I wonder how the Iron Man War Monger figure will look besides this guy?!

“Abducted as a child and transported to the classified planet Onyx where he trained in the SPARTAN III project, Carter-A259 quickly displayed his skill as a leader. Some time later he was given the rank of Commander of the Special Warfare Team codenamed Noble Team, where he served as a leader for a number of years.” – a brief description of Cammander Carter printed on the box.


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