Wa’Zup Remanier

I’m overhauling my Wa’Zup (World against Zombie uprising) figures…


Mixing up street clothing with military gear… a british DPM camo pants (Hot Toys) with foam inner lining.


The hoodie (Asmus Toys) has micro zipper, cloth material is soft and fine tailoring. The hood is of right size to cover the head fully but no strings to tighten it, would be nice to have metal wires in its rims for manageable posing.


Painted on the M17 Gas Mask (Hot Toys). Orginaly all black, I sprayed on flat white then applied paint powder for effects then sealed with semi-gloss clear coat. In the Wa’Zup era air is contaminated by the zombie toxins thus filtration is a must!


Basic armor for every Wa’Zup will be the Groin shield! (Sideshow Boba Fett repainted and weathered). I guess everyone is afraid to be bitten by zombies in the groin! LOL


I’m using Barrack Sergeant Bravo body on this one, the Bravo has a shorter height similar to Hot Toys slim body, joints are much better compared to the Alpha version but both have loose ankle joints so I recommend using stiff boots to support it. Headsculpt is a Tom Cruise likeness.

Still sorting out on the accessories and weapons to match each Wa’Zup figure in the lineup.


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