Wa’Zup Deuxieme

Here’s my second WA’Zup figure (also still a WIP work-in-progress)…


I painted this M17 Gas Mask in darker shade compared to the first one, (notice the tinted lens – this one from Hot Toys VBSS figure). The mask has a rubber-like feel compared to the first one which is hard plastic (I got the previous one from Hot Toys infantry gear set).


The red down-jacket is from Inhouse Production, I recently found one with a hood but don’t know if from same company. Nice quality tailoring, scaled size zippers (remember the old days those huge zippers, trying to fit a 1:1 scale in a 1:6 scale clothing).


Ok the pants is a WWII US paratrooper pants (from DID) with suspenders (not shown) I was really looking for baggy/loose (or skateboard style) pants but can’t find one at the moment.


Both are Barrack Sergeant Body but different type – Alpha and Bravo. Bravo is shorter. The MICH (Modular Integrated Combat Helmet – from Hot Toys) fits snuggly with the Gas Mask since I used a smaller headsculpt.


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