Wa’Zup Troisiemie

This is my third Wa’Zup figure, his sort of a revision to my previous Wa’Zup Sneaker.


I’m using silver-colored outer garment suit (from Hot Toys HALO jumper cool version figure). Still contemplating on whether the hood be in or over the mask, it has no pull strings to tighten securely on the head.


The M17 gas mask (from Hot Toys) painted all white, then using powder/chalk paint to highlight the edges/lines and sprayed semi-gloss clear coat to seal.


I use a red long sleeve turtle-neck shirt (forgot the brand)  to keep in line with the Red color scheme of my revised Wa’Zup.


Here they are Remanier, Duexieme, and Troisieme, with a glimpse of a draft geared up Remanier.


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