ThreeA WWR Doc Grunt

ThreeA figures designed by Ashley Wood is becoming a favourite of mine and heres one of his creation from his WWR (World War Robot) storyline – Medical Officer Doc Grunt.

A brief background about WWR – a war between Terrans (humans who stayed on earth) and Martians (humans who migrated to Mars). The Terrans is obsessed in conquering the Martians thus the war. Both sides use Robots to achieved victory.


Now the Grunts are lowest ranking soldiers of the Terrans, they are poorly trained but driven by thier strong religious beliefs to fight the “non-believers” Martians!

Robots vs Grunts? who wins? I guess the slogan “Meat for Machines” gives a clue.


Medic Grunt features the generic headsculpt similar to the Sniper-Bot figure I have but without the face camo paint. Yep he too have the ThreeA shirt, they just make variations by changing the colors and length of sleeves.


The pants/uniform are in plain white but with heavy weathering and distress for that apocalyptic style. Just love the details like the Red Cross and rope as belt. Boots is molded peg type.


He has a overcoat or trench coat (but I refer to it as a Lab gown since his a medical doctor). It has buckle strap by the shoulder to attach additional pouches securely, as if the number of pouches he carry on his vest and waist belt isn’t enough plus the backpack!


What I liked with the Grunts is the Gas Mask and helmet, really impressed with how Ashley Wood come up with this designs.


I stuff more padding’s on the pouches to make it more bulky. This guy is a medic but is equipped with a shotgun, automatic rifle with scope, and a revolver.


The weapons looks great but purely static and no moving parts. The enlarge gloves/hands securely and easily grips the weapons. The body is similar and compatible to Hot Toys TrueType but has tighter joints and weathered paint.


I bought this Doc Grunt with a free item – the MK2 Square Nurse Betsy. I think this are support-droids or assitant. The MK2 has leg articulation, has a smiley mouth and one “eye” in front. ThreeA indicates 4 Square variants the Mk1, MK1.5, Mk2, and Mighty Square.


And of course I almost forgot, the Doc Grunt has a medic kit containing 2 bondage rolls and a medical saw!

Aside from Terrans and Martians, two other factions are fighting it out for different reasons, The N.O.M. (whose main goal is to reunite all of humanity) and M.O.D (a secretive group, acting like merceneries or pirates).


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