DAMToys Gangsters Kingdom Spade II

DAMToys presents Spade II of Gangsters Kingdom, the second released figure from their Original Stories figure series.


The unique feature of this figure series is the headsculpt (cartoonish/animated style?) and animated hands (bigger than normal like those of ThreeA).


His Remington 870 Hogue pistol grip, short barrel Shotgun with ammo carrier attachment, nicely done with moving parts great for CQB kitbash.


Molded peg type shoes (compatible with Hot Toys bodies).  Nice belt buckle, gold watch and necklace.


Great details and tailoring on the Jeans and leather jacket (nice logo patch at the back). He has three layer clothing – black shirt, black long sleeves hoodie, then the leather jacket. underneath those is his chest tattoo.


Aside from his Shotgun, he have a baseball bat (made of metal) and a wine pot(?) for his bad boy image. The body is very similar to ACE MK1 body which has big body frame and wide shoulders.


The shades raised the coolness bar of this figure! (glasses are removable). Too bad I missed out on the first figure Spade J… hopefully I’ll get the third one – Spade III.


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