ThreeA Ankou EX Shadow Security

This is by far the biggest 1/6 scale toy figure I ever bought! I was expecting a big figure but to my surprise when this arrived it is way bigger than expected!


He is huge, barely fits in my photo booth and camera frame! This is Ankou EX Security Shadow from ThreeA. I think it is version 2 since the first one have clamps instead of hands.


The Ankou EX is one of the character (robot) in the Adventure Kartel storyline by Ashley Wood. From what i read they battle the Zombie horde, crashing them by brute strength with their clamps (but obviously with this new version with their huge hands).


His a moneyed robot (eyeballs are movable) and a somewhat smiley face painted expression. His all plastic but the paint application makes him look metallic or all iron!


The Ankou EX sports different outfit, with this being in a hooded boiler suit overalls. Curious about the articulation of this huge figure I manage to remove the suit after patiently and cautiously prying out the hands and feet which (that are tightly fitted on its joint pegs) to see whats underneath.


Ok so what do we see?… Ball joints everywhere! the shoulders, wrist, pelvis, neck, ankles, and hinge joints in the knees, elbows, and all 10 fingers individually articulated!


There’s sort of an exhaust pipe on his back, (no idea what it is, maybe steam powered?) its kind of cool though an added detail aside from the body paint/prints and weathering.


with regards to articulation and joints, I tried letting him carry a zombie in both arms, it failed in keeping the elbows 90 degree bend, the wrist pegs also was a bit sloppy, maybe some tweaking in the joints can improve it, a tighter joint recommended. Now the legs and foot are satisfactory, he can stand on one leg, the huge base of the feet supports the overall weight of the figure.


Ankou EX is roughly around 16 inches (or more) tall and very wide body almost double the normal 12 inch figure (1/6 scale) and a bit heavy. I really like him displayed on the desk towers all others, literally a shadow security on my table! Awesome figure.


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