HOT TOYS AVP Scar Predator

Finally I’ve decided to get a Hot Toys Predator figure and chosen Scar Predator from the AVP (Alien vs Predator) movie.


This Scar Predator is a version 2 since they already have one before, Hot Toys had been updating the bodies on these Predators, replacing it with a more bulkier / muscular body frame, and maybe also the articulation (I don’t have the original one so can’t compare).


Taking it out of the box, the first thing I noticed is it’s weight, a bit on the heavy side, this guy had a lot on it aside from it’s bulkier body… The armor pieces, the “backpack” or medical kit where the battery is also concealed for the light up function of the face mask eyes…


And more weight is added when you attach face mask armor, the shoulder cannon to the medical kit contraption, and the spear weapon clamped on its back.


So many details to ponder on when you look at this figure, from it’s skirt armor and accessories attached to it, the various gadgets like the computer device on it’s arm, to it’s bone trophies necklace, everything is great “craftsmanship” i would say.


The hoses (which you have to connect) linking  the face mask to it’s backpack, maybe just me, but I find these a bit on a short length, when you turn the head facing right not too much length allowance for the hoses to extend around. There is also a wire that connects the face mask to the battery also found on the backpack, simply covered up by the rubber hair strands from view.


Weapons… With brute strength I don’t know why these predators still need weaponry but then again they are hunters, hunting in different planets encountering a variety of creatures/lifeforms like the Aliens and of course us – humans.


Anyways just to list all weaponry included in this figure… The spear (extendable), sword (sheath on the leg), rotary spike (one retracted on the waist belt and one fully deployed),  shoulder cannon, and its arm blades/claws.


The claw/blades on the arms are fixed but interchangeable since three blade lengths is provided. Would have been cooler if it function, retracting and extending like the spear.


Ok about the face sculpt (I’m not fond of monster figures by the way thus the hesitation to buy these) , is pretty much a copy of what the Predators look like in the movie. The mouth or mandibles(?) has no articulation but instead they provided 2 mandibles pose you can use, a normal and wide open position.Using the slots allocated to place the mandibles and of course for the face mask.


Also provided are different hand gestures – a pair of each: closed fist, gripping hands, reaching/open hands. Note the scar on its forehead which is also similar on his face mask.


The 1/6 scale Predator is about 14 inches tall, so he towers over regular human figures which is 12 inches. Body joints are tight but not too much on the ankles so better display him saddled on his base stand (which I think needs to be more larger to fully accomodate his huge size) to keep him stable and avoid breakage if it falls from your shelf.


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