“White Ghost” Sniper Sam

To match my 1/6 scale white M-200 Cheytac Intervention Sniper Rifle (from ZYToys), I kitbashed this sniper figure in white uniform.


The body vest and pouches is from Saturday Toys Marine set. Tinted goggles, elbow and knee pads, boots and gloves from Hot Toys. Mich helmet from Soldier Story. Body is Hot Toys Truetype and using Hot Toys Sam Worthington likeness headsculpt.


I spray painted the uniform (an ACU from Hot Toys) using Fabric paint (one of my trial and error DIY projects), I decided on white for that snow/winter environment. Then match it with white Balaclava. Unfortunately the gears are not in white but in Tan/Cayote color (will try to paint it also white someday).


The IMI Desert Eagle pistol (forgot the brand) for his sidearm with leg holster and a knife with leg sheath (Hot Toys). This kitbash is not yet complete, another assault rifle as a secondary weapon is still needed to match the ammo pouches he carry on the vest.


This sniper rifle set also comes with 2 extra ammo magazines and additional .50 cal ammo shells, which I placed in one of the pouches molle panels (I got this idea when I saw one of the villains in Dark Knight movie, a sniper with his .50cal bullets in the vest ).


I guess this kind of rifle is meant to be fired on its bi-pods for stability, It will be hard to maintain aim in standing position without support, sitting or prone position would be better.

With an effective range of about 2000+ meters the Cheytac M-200 Intervention with sound suppressor is truly a ghost to the target, not knowing where the shooter is.


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