Sideshow Major Bludd

From Sideshow G.I. Joe 1/6 scale figure line-up, comes one of the villains – Major Bludd – a mercenary allied with the COBRA terror organization.


Ok I’m not really a G.I. Joe fan but what got me into buying this is the accessories that comes with it. If I buy them piece by piece most probably the price will come near if not the same as the boxed priced.


I’m fond with sci-fi oriented weapons so this one is a must for me. It’s loaded with 3 mini rockets (removable) and 4 more extra are carried by a backpack carrier. From their description it says Sabot Rail Gun and Sabot Darts (?) from my understanding of Sabot, these are for anti-armor, it can pierce thru an armored vehicle. Well we can say Major Bludd packs a hell of a punch with this Rail gun.


And he have this sub-machine gun which I think is a Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol) which uses 9mm ammo shells. This one has a folding stock (which I found loose in the swivel joint). It also have 3 extra magazine in a leg pouch.


I would say he can out-gun Dirty Harry with his .50 Caliber heavy revolver. His holster belt/straps reminds me of what Han Solo wears. I don’t know if this gun is pattern after a real one but really looks nasty.

He wears a bunch of dog tags (some with blood stains) around his neck, these could be trophies for every major kill he did?


He also have this knife/blade holstered on its sheath by his boots. This kind of knife is what they call a Karambit (or Korambit), this design originated from Indonesia, small curved knifes where the handle has holes for the fingers to slide in, like wearing a metal knuckles but this one a blade at the end.

With a firm hold/grip of the knife, the user can exert great force in wielding this weapon causing maximum damage to the enemy.


Now wielding that kind of knife will even be more deadly if in the hands such as this – cybernetic arms/hands! One special feature about this figure is the body. Sideshow customized this body (Prometheus body?) to have a mechanical right arm.


About the right arm – no one seems to know what is what! is it a robotic arm or just an armored sleeve to protect his arm from his Rail Gun? Maybe its part arm and part robotics, sort of cybernetic-ally enhanced arm!


Now the Body Armor at first I thought was glued together but upon scrutiny, it is removable (what a relief). The front and back snaps in by the sides to lock in place. Then the inner armor vest is worn like an apron, straps around the body. The backpack carrier attaches to the back armor by magnet.


The figure base stand has a cool logo clearly identifying Major Bludd as part of the COBRA organization. I prefer this kind of base, wide enough to accommodate the figure.

As usual with all Sideshow figures, I really don’t like the body they use, hope they redesign it preferably similar to the Hot Toys truetype body.



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