ThreeA Lost Planet 2 – Mercenary


Mercenary – From ThreeA based on CAPCOM’s video game Lost Planet 2


Body is similar to Hot Toys Truetype, includes 1 pair wrist peg for 4 pair of gloved hands (closed fist, relax grip, pistol-trigger grip, open palms) and pegged boots. Headsculpt though have different skin tone with the body but great life-like sculpt.


The leather-like suit limits some articulation, it is padded around the shoulders. His outer garment is cloth material. Boot leggings is suede with leather straps and knee pads is plastic moldings.


Equipped with two leather belts – pistol ammo pouches with pistol holster and rifle ammo pouches, all leather-like materials.


For kitbashers a lot of stuff here you can use for sci-fi figure projects… arm gaunlets, shoulder and backpack gadgets, ammo vest etc, all using leather-like straps.


The back/gears reminds me of Gundam mechs! Wires in the right arm are non-functional, simply tuck-in on the outer garment.


The face/breathing mask is awesome and headgear is a great concept design. Should have include a goggles. All parts have potential for use in different kitbash projects.

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