Killzone – Helghast Shock Infrantry


Based on the Killing Zone video game for the PlayStation console  – RED Mark toys labeled this figure as Killing Fields Shock Infrantry (due to copyright issues most probably).


In Killzone, two main groups are fighting – the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) of Earth and the Helghast of planet Helghan. It seem this is one of the bad guys in the game since it is member of the Helghast army.


Figure breakdown – cold weather uniform (pants, turtleneck shirt, gray coat, white long vest, cold weather boots with gaiters, weapon grip gloved hands with extra closed fist gesture) / body armor, arms and knee protector pads / belt with pouches / breathing device-gears / one-piece helmet-head-face armor (you can use other headsculpts-neck post similar to Hot Toys).


The breathing hoses are removable/re-attachable, either directly to the mask-head or on the external breathing gear. Armed with a revolver pistol and knife, and an assault rifle with rotary magazine.


Too bad mine has no batteries included, it has a led light up feature in the head area, will really look great having the red eyes glowing in the dark!






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