ThreeA Killzone – Helghast Hazmat Trooper


Another figure based on the Killzone video game on PlayStation consoles – Helghast Hazmat Trooper – by ThreeA.


Helghast Hazmat Troopers are said to be personal bodyguard of Stahl – CEO of Stahl Arms which creates/produce weapons for the Helghast army. They are equipped mostly with experimental weapons like the STA-Arc cannon/rifle.


Not much accessories aside from the extra pair of hands and the arc-rifle, but as always with the case of ThreeA detailing and paint finishes, this figure is an artwork.


The suit is made of thin nylon (I think), the armor is plastic (painted to look metal/steel). Be carefull on the head some parts are fragile (I broke a jaw fin while moving the head). This figure has a light up feature – it’s eyes. Battery is located on the top of the head.


Currently these are the two released Killzone figures, from RedMark Inflames and ThreeA. Killzone is exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

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