Welcome to my personal toy collection blogsite.

Originally as a database for my toy collection here in the US (since December 2006), My site now focuses more on 1/6 scale action figure kitbash projects.

I’m Filipino, born in 1970, a person young at heart, always looking at the brighter side of things…

have fun 🙂



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi… I ran into your blog by accident… looking for images about sniper rifles and turn into one your posts.
    I went through every action figure in your collection, and is amazing the reality and detail of all of them.

    Can you please tell me from which places do you buy them, is there any place online where I can order them… since I do not live in the US I can order them to be mailed into my PO Box and then shipped to south america where I live.

    I hope you really can give some tips as where to get them!!!



    1. Thanks for browsing in my blog, with regards to purchasing 1/6 scale figures you can check this following online stores:
      Toy Anxiety / Monkey Depot / Urban Samurai / Viking Playground / ebay…
      You mentioned you are in South America and will be using P.O.Box address? I suggest you contact first the stores if they accommodate delivery to PO Box address due to mail frauds issues.
      Kindly visit also other 1/6 websites like OneSixthWarrior to get more info about 1/6 scale figures.
      Goodluck on the hobby,

  2. Hello, I stumbled on your blog and was wondering if I could ask you something. 🙂

    As far as articulation goes, which figure would be better: Medicom’s RAH or Hot Toy’s True Types? I’m thinking of buying one to have as a reference for figure drawing/posing. Odd, I know, but from what I’ve seen they’re a hell of a lot better than any art manikin I’ve seen. So I’d basically like to know which one is more posable; such as the knees reaching the stomach and how far their legs can stretch, like in a splits. Any info would be great. And who knows, I might customize them too. 😛 Nice blog btw.

    1. ok about the 1/6 bodies there’s a lot to choose from and i cannot give a definite answer which is the best, i have one posting showing the differences of the bodies you may want to check it out.
      But for my choice i would pick Hot Toys TrueType-38 Body Figure due to quality and scale. Articulation is great but not perfect like as you said knees reaching the stomach, sorry it can’t, the Barrack Sergeant body can do that easily.
      A lot of newer body brands came out but i have’nt checked them out yet. OneSixthWarriors Forum website might give you a better answer with regards to your question.

  3. Hey, you have an amazing collection !!!!!!!! Ive been looking at your kitbaches and I am astounded by them. Specially by your USMC II M.E.F. (https://alstoys.wordpress.com/tag/hot-toys/page/18/)

    Is there any place where I can find more pictures of it? or maybe a video? I am just completely obsessed with that figure. It is absolutely amazing.

    I recently started a blog and a youtube acc to share pictures and videos of my figure.

    You can find pictures of some of my 1/6 toys here:


    And videos here:


    Thank your for your time, you have the most amazing marine kitbash in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Enrique for visiting my site, your doing good on your blog and youtube sites. About the images for the MEF (or any figures) my main source is Google. I think VeryHotToys have their own version of MEF aside from Hot Toys.

      The fun part for this 1/6 hobby (for me) is the time spent on researching / price hunt / sorting out / scouting on the web for the best parts to use and Google has played a major part on my decisions on what and where to get a specific item for kitbash.

      I start my kitbashes with a really nice base body figure (slim frame) and headsculpt, then the rest of the parts simply just follow, making sure it fits naturally to the base figure. The key here is to take your time when completing a kitbash, weeks or months, as long as the final result is the one you really like to have.

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