Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper


My version of a Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper… Using Marpat camo jacket (from Saturday Toys) and Woodland camo pants (from Barrack Sergeant) to match the forest environment on Endor (is it Planet Endor or the Forest Moon of Endor?).


The helmet is from Sideshow, seems a bit on a large scale because Sideshow figures before have larger headsculpts.


The ammo bandoliers and sidearm pistol is from Hot Toys but was planning on using the Luke Skywalker pistol and Stormtrooper rifle for its weapons, and a backpack to complete this kitbash.


The headsculpt is from Hot Toys – Carl Weathers lookalike from their Rocky figures – Apollo Creed. The big helmet accommodated the bulky hairculpt of this head, added a goggles from Soldier Story.