DID-Soldier Story Crye Multicam Uniform

The Crye Multicam is a multi-environment camouflage pattern uniform which was in competition with the ACU design to replace the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform). ACU became the standard issue for the US military but the Multicam is being used by some Special forces/units.

Here’s a comparison between the 1/6 scale DID and Soldier Story Crye Multicam Uniforms.

Soldier Story/SS multicam (left) and the DID multicam (right). Note the different upper garment style, DID is using a dry-fit shirt.

A close-up view of the multicam pattern camouflage. Note also the variation in design of the pockets in the pants and shoulders.

A view of the knee pads and elbow pads (SS at left, DID at right). Note no elbow pads on the SS. The SS design is closer to the actual multicam knee pads.

The wrist design is different on both, DID has adjustable wrist closure using a velcro strap while SS is fixed. I was surprised to see that the DID pants has an opening along the leg using a zipper then with a velcro strap for adjustments in the lower leg (ankle closure), again the SS is fixed. Both SS and DID have functional zipper opening bottoms, a feature found in Crye designed uniforms.

For photo ops, i equiped both with helmet, vest, and M16’s.

Helmet – MICH/ACH helmet by Hot Toys / Vest – Spear body armor by VeryHotToys and Low Profile body armor by Toy Soldier / Body – Hot Toys TrueType-38 featuring Terrence Howard and Ed Norton look-alike headsculpts. Gloved hands and molded boots/Danner type cloth boots.

Weapon – M16A2 with M203 Grenade launcher and M16 with pump-action shotgun, both by Hot Toys.

Notice the M16 with the shotgun, it has a shorter length barrel, more like an M4 with an M16 stock(?). The M16A2 with M203 is similar to their original M16’s. These rifles are from the HotToys Dutch/Billy figures.


The first 1/6 version of Crye Multicam is by VeryHotToys, unfortunately i don’t have those, they even have a new released version set featuring a multicam jacket. Barrack Sergeant also made a Multicam set, i might update this post to include a photo of all this 1/6 variants…


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