Hot Toys – DID WWII Tuskegee Airmen

The Tuskegee airmen of World War II – are African-American pilots trained at Tuskegee Army Air Field in Tuskegee, Alabama 1941-1946. At a time where racial segregation is practiced even in the military, these men proved themselves of equal if not better at par with their white counterparts in performance, courage, and dedication. They actually fought two wars, World War II and the War against discrimination.

This is a kitbash of mine in salute to the members of the Tuskegee Airmen (Officers and enlisted men including the aircraft and engine mechanics, armament specialists, radio repairmen, parachute riggers, control tower operators, policemen, administrative clerks providing support to the air group)


I’m using the clothes and gears of the DID ‘William Bowman’ USAAF Eight Air Force figure over a Hot Toys TrueType 38 Slim AA body featuring a ‘Terrence Howard’ look-alike headsculpt. Added aviator glasses for that ‘Ace’ look 🙂

M1911 .45 cal pistol on leather shoulder holster. Jacket fit nicely on the Slim body. Very nice quality and detail by DID!

Pilots of the World War II era have their parachutes worn, ejection seats are not common those days. Some use Life vest when flight operations is within sea/water vicinity.


Unfortunately i misplaced the matching goggles for this headgear. This headgear is of the leather type, they are also using the clothe type in warmer climate areas. Note the headgear earflaps have radio headphones attached, DID design them for a specific ear shaped/sculpt so consider this when fitting to any headsculpt. 

Historical info of the Tuskegee can be found in this website:  Found some photos of them wearing similar clothing as my figure here:

“NO to any form of discrimination : Equal Rights and Opportunities  for All”


8 thoughts on “Hot Toys – DID WWII Tuskegee Airmen

    1. Thanks… as for the details, there are a lot of 1/6 scale brand figures, so it’s a matter of just selecting several parts from different figure/brands and combining them or as they call it ‘Kitbashing’. Now for the quality that depends on the brand, they differ on how detailed and the finishing of their figures.

    1. Thanks. I think the title of that movie is Red Tails. They say it will be release this January 2012. It’s George Lucas first movie after these Star Wars sagas.

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