M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Gunner

This is a kitbash of a basic infantry squad automatic weapon (SAW) gunner. He is the equivalent of at least two automatic rifleman. This is possible thru the use of a LMG (lightweight Machine Gun) weapon – the M249.

I’m using the Hot Toys TrueType 38 Slim AA version for the body and the Soldier Story 1st Cavalry Saw Gunner headsculpt. The headsculpt is a bit small (common to Soldier Story) so I included a balaclava to fit the helmet.

Featured here is the Hot Toys M249 SAW LMG from their US Army Rangers M249 gunner figure. I think this is the short barrel type similar to the SAW Para but with a fixed stock. The color is somewhat gray so nice match up to the ACU.

The ACU and headgear is from Hot Toys Mountain Sniper that’s why it’s in greenish color instead of the gray. I prefer the grayish color like that of Toy Soldier or ACE. The footgear is Soldier Story cloth Tan boots.

This figure is using the MOLLE II vest (Soldier Story) with Hot Toys pouches, and the Backpack (or Molle Assault Pack) is from Exper Toys. Note the mix of gray and green color ACU. The armor vest is Hot Toys low profile body armor. Molle vest was use since its easier and quicker  to remove the entire vest with the pouches on it than remove the pouches one by one from your body armor vest, in instances where they need to go in or out of tight spaces or holes and the gears get in the way yet still have body armor protection.


The Soldier Story M1911A1 pistol is very nice, but i think it’s better to glue the gun holster and ammo cartridge holster to the drop down base plate since it keeps falling apart. Other accessories includes Radio com with handset (soldier story); flashlight (Hot Toys); ball-type grenades (Soldier Story); glow sticks (Soldier Story).

I liked the Hot Toys slim body AA, poses are achieved easily. With a different ankle joint design using a lace up boot was ok compared to the ball-pin type joints. The Slim body can accomodate the bulky interceptor vest complete with the shoulder and groin armor protectors but there was problem fitting the Molle vest around the Interceptor vest.


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