Hot Toys Truetype 38 Slim – AA version

Ah my Hot Toys Truetype 38 Slim AA (African American) version is here!

Included in this set is one extra pair of hands with wrist pegs(!!!) and figure stand. Sorry no extra neck connector, only one which is the long neck type.

This body has tight joints but can pose smoothly. Only one pose he can’t seem to manage is to reach his body/stomach/chest with his knees, I think the Barrack Sergeant body can do that. A new feature in this body is the detail on the arms, it has skin texture, muscle and vein sculpts, so you can pose this with the shirt sleeves rolled up.

Notice also that this body features a different ankle peg design. If i could recall they use this type of ankle from their earlier version of TrueType bodies. What i like about this ankle peg is its stability and is more preferrable to use with a normal slide in lace boots. You cannot use the boot-peg type boots (or as other call them as “Beets”) on this one.

And as i expected, this body type is similar to the TrueType 38 slim caucasian version in height which is short as tall as the BBI G1.0 and Medicom RAH bodies. Photo above left shows the comparison between a TrueType 38 regular AA (from Hot Toys Army Ranger 75th Regiment MK16) and slim AA. They feature the same headsculpt, a Terrence Howard look-alike, with variations in facial hair.

Now i got two of this Slim AA, i tried the Soldier Story headsculpt (from thier 1st Cavalry SAW Gunner figure) on one and it seems to be a match in size proportions. The head is also using Soldier Story neck, i did not try accommodating it to the Hot Toys neck.


I suit him up with a 3-color SF BDU from Toy Soldier. This uniform is a bit slim tailored but still looks loose on him! This Slim body type are definitely for bulky or multiple layered clothing/gears. The different ankle design does improved its stability/stance. Do handle with care when removing the wrist pegs, they are very tight, in fact mine i just remove the hand itself not including the wrist peg much easier. I heard a lot of stories where the wrist pegs do break, maybe one reason Hot Toys provided an extra pair already on this set.


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