BBI Aviator U-2 Pilot ‘Capt. Bob Chapman’

This is one of the hard to find 1/6 figure in my wish list and I finally got it! The BBI Elite Force Aviator U-2 Pilot “Capt. Bob Chapman”

U-2 spy planes operates at very high altitude thus the astronaut-like flight suit. They are the first to use air pressure controlled suits to counter extreme conditions at high altitudes similar to what fighter pilots use today to counter the extreme Gravity-forces.

The figure uses the BBI G3.5 body. The suit does not limit the articulation, it is of soft material. I saw photos of a real U2 pilot flight suit and BBI did well copying it to 1/6 scale.

The amazing piece on this figure is the helmet. looks similar to an astronaut helmet, it has two visor – clear and tinted. Easily snaps on the flight suit then a locking mechanism keeps the helmet in place. The microphone is connected to his cloth cap put in place prior to wearing the helmet itself.

The yellow box he carries where hoses are attached with links to the flight suit and helmet could be his oxygen or breathing aid device. I have not tried removing the flight suit yet but it looks easy to remove. The high price is what keeps me from totally dismantling this figure.

A unique feature on the helmet is the access for drinks and paste food through an insert hole located in the lower right portion. Among it’s accessories are patch decals (which i did not use here), two pens that can be place in his shoulder pocket, clipboard attached in his thigh, two food paste  dispenser aside from the water bottle shown above in the photo.


Overall this is one cool figure to display, a must have for 1/6 collectors…  Now how to get a hold on those Dragon Astronaut figures! 🙂


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