British SAS “smiley”

Heres a Happy Thanksgiving kitbash of mine – my second version of a British SAS (Special Air Service).

The mask is from Loading Toys recently released 6 pc mask set. I used it here instead of the usual gas mask commonly use by SAS. The size of the mask will fit most 1/6 headsculpt but I would suggest using those smaller size heads, I’m using here a Soldier Story body and head.

This British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) camo smock (or parka)  is from Armoury. I think this is more accurate in pattern and color than compared to the Hot Toys version. I like the way the hood entirely covers the head.

Instead of a leg-drop, I used a shoulder holster with ammo pouch from Arts Figures.

The DPM camo body armor vest and pouches/webbing is Armoury, added a black utility pouch and kneepads from Hot Toys. Cargo pants by the way is from Barrack Sergeant.

The FN-P90 automatic rifle from Hot Toys. I think the British never use this weapon so pretty unusual for a SAS to have this.

I got these uniform and gear from Armoury British Uniform Set C and D.

The Soldier Story S2 body is easy to pose, having a good range of articulation. But I noticed these bodies have long arms and small heads.  This one has the original shoulder width, they already have a Narrow shoulder version.

Will be updating my previous SAS kitbash to match this one.


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