SDU – Special Duties Unit

One of my favourite figure to kitbash is a Hong Kong SDU or Special Duties Unit figure. HK SDU’s are similar to the British SAS.


This is already a revision kitbash since i already made this SDU way back, just added/updated some gears.


Body – Barrack Sergeant Alpha Body. The Alpha is similar to the Bravo version of Barrack Sergeant but its has a regular height same with other 1/6 body brands. The Bravo has a short height profile. Both version do have excellent articulation similar to Hot Toys TrueType-38 body. Only negative about this body is its joints sort of “loose” (?) or maybe just less tight since it can still hold any pose.


Headsculpt – Dragon DML. This headsculpt by Dragon is one of thier realistic looking head, i forgot where and what name of figure this is from. He looks sort of like a George Clooney look-alike. 

Uniform/Clothings – White shirt from BBI, Blue jeans from… maybe VeryHotToys (forgot). The SDU’s do have standard uniform which is like a jumper suit or flight suit but sometimes they operate in thier civilian/casual  clothings.


Shoes – Sneakers Nike air  imitation, functional laces, plastic material. Brand unknown. I happen to see this at ebay, they are of various designs, i tried at least two, and they do look great up close.

Gloves – from ACE. one nice feature of the Barrack Sergeant body is its compatibility and interchangeability of body parts with other brands but do have limitations. like with BBI or Soldier Story – wrist pegs/hands/neck post. almost all head type can be use since neck post is sort of universal common to most brands.


Weapon – MP5 with scope and silencer and shotgun. From Hot Toys.

Sidearm – Glock with bright light. Fom VeryHotToys.


Leg Drop Pouch – from Saturday Toys or Playhouse. This is three-double mag M4 pouch but i use it for placing my smoke grenades

Gas Mask pouch – from HOT TOYS SDU figure. This is a belt-clip(hip) type of gas mask pouch and not a leg-drop pouch type.


Vest – from HOT TOYS SDU figure. I think Hot Toys released three types of vest for their SDU figures, this is the one with the large shotgun ammo pouch. This has a groin and neck protector. I’m not sure if this vest is complete since i got this as a loose item.


Balaclava – From F4-Toys set. This face hood has a skull face design. SDU’s usually have the 3-hole face hood.

Helmet – Defender helmet from HOT TOYS SDU figure. This helmet is a bit oversized(?) but its large size is to accomodate the com headphones and gas mask gears.


Gas Mask and NVG with mount for Gas Mask – from VeryHotToys SDU gear set. VeryHotToys is well known for copying HotToys gears, and this is one they made as good as the original is. One of the weak parts with VeryHotToys pieces is thier plastic snap-connectors or buckles? i don’t know the proper term… it easily breaks, of low quality plastic.

Flashbang grenade / wrist watch  – from Soldier Story.

Smoke grenades /Knee pads / pistol mags and pouches / Torch light with pouch / Goggles  – from HOT TOYS. 


Radio/com – radio(?) with Throat mike and earpiece and Headphones. From Hot Toys SDU figure.

Photo below shows my early kitbash of SDU’s… plan of making at least 5 to have a squad! 🙂

Special Duties Unit

Note: will update post for corrections/incomplete info/data on gears.


2 thoughts on “SDU – Special Duties Unit

    1. Thanks! Those SDU’s look cool in thier gears, but have never saw them in action like in the movies, would like to see one!
      Will revise figure again once i get the asian headsculpts to complete my SDU squad.

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