Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces)

This is my fictional version of a Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces).

For this 1/6 kitbash I’m using a WWII German camo uniform (from DID) and boots (from Dragon DML), mixed with modern accessories.


I’m using the Soldier Story S2 body with a headsculpt from ACE. The S2 body is nice but the design of its neck post limits the selection of headsculpt that can be attached to it.

Balaclava with skull print from F4 toys, sunglasses from Playhouse, Pistol with leg holster and AKM rifle  from Hot Toys 

Russian modern assault vest from BBI , WWII Russian helmet (with winter snow weathering) from Dragon DML, kneepads from Hot Toys.

Why a German WWII uniform? well I’m trying to recycle all my WWII german uniforms into something modern or sci-fi theme. The Samurai Sword in the photos is from DID 3R japanese figure. I have at least 3 trial themes for this particular project, from sci-fi soldier to GI-Joe sort of figure with a sword. I ended up with this Russian theme instead. Background story for this figure: the Russians made use of captured german uniforms (or copied the camo details) and incorporated it to some of their Spetsnaz 😉


10 thoughts on “Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces)

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOW!!! That is killer awesome. You are truly gifted. I swear I forget that they are figures, sometimes I think they are actual guys dressed up that are six feet tall.

  2. nice it looks cool, and the ww11 german uniform looks like the modern russian spetnaz uniform, from the photos i’ve seen in a book

  3. to bad the camoflauge is highly incoprrect, its german oak camo and german dotted camo from ww2, not partisan camo like the russians used in the 80’s.

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