British SAS (Secret Air Service)

Ok back on-line! several weeks gone, was busy relocating to our new house after 3 years of renting in an apartment!

This 1/6 scale figure kitbash is inspired from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare video game, I noticed the SAS unit got some kick ass outfit and gear especially those hooded gas mask style, really freaky! I make use of what’s available in my loose items and heres what i ended having:

British Parka – from Dragon DML – this is similar to Hot Toys on their British figure but no weathering and cloth material is softer and not too thick. the hood is great since it can cover the headsculpt including the helmet ; British DPM pants – from Hot Toys. They say the DPM pattern on the Hot Toys is not right, which I cannot verify since im not familiar with British uniforms.

Body – Soldier Story S2 body with Brad Pit look-alike headsculpt ; Sidearm – M9 pistol with black leg holster from Soldier Story ; Take note i put a wire along the rim of the Parka hood rim to make it manageable around the mask and helmet.

Helmet – can’t identify the style but this is from Hot Toys ; Military vest – from Dragon DML. I think this was from their SWAT or maybe a BBI brand can’t be sure. Some of the older gears are still ok so don’t throw away keep it.


Weapon – G-36 rifle. I purchased the G-36 rifle set, the maker is unknown, they say ACE but can’t confirm it. They look generic but quality and material is ok. no rifle sling included in the set. The set consist of 3 CQB type and 2 Sniper type (as shown above), 2 grenade launcher equiped type, and 1 SAW type. 8 variety of G-36 total.

The G-36’s have folding stock option except for the sniper types.

Gask mask bag / Leg pouch – Large black keg pouch from Soldier Story; Boots – Danner boots from Soldier Story ; Kneepads – from soldier story ; Gask Mask – SF-10 Gas Mask from Very Hot Toys ; Gloves – Mechanix gloves on bendy hands from Soldier Story ;  Balaclava from Dragon DML.


The Soldier Story S2 body works well in different poses.  Having small headsculpts suited well for the Gas Mask – Helmet – Hood set up. The size, shape, proportions of the body usually dictates what kind of kitbash I can make and most of the time (for me) the headsculpt is the biggest factor in the decision.


9 thoughts on “British SAS (Secret Air Service)

    1. Thanks alex, need to catch up missed a lot of new figures!!!
      ah i miss the hobby been busy lately!
      more new figures means more items to kitbash for me 🙂

    1. thanks for visiting my site, this figure is 1/6 scale (12 inches tall), it’s a kitbash so is made up from different brands. If your interested about this kind of figures you can check out ebay or some of this online stores: Viking Playground / WarToys / Monkey Depot and many more. You can also check to view more figures like this.

  1. Just one little detail – SAS does not stand for Secret, but Special Air Service. Very nice figure, though!

    1. Sorry Rudy not for sale, you might want to check TTL or Toys City they released somewhat similar to this kitbash of mine. By the way that Resident Evil character looks awesome.

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